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Ensuring implementation of the necessary process.

While Hands-On Precision Skills Training is Critical, it is only HALF of the Precision Maintenance Implementation Equation. Just as Vital is a Step-by-Step Written Plan that, if followed, will ensure Permanent Change in Work Habits and Improved Results.

FasTrack to Reliability™” is the process (invented 15 years ago) by our principals and instructors that, combined with strong management commitment, drives the aforementioned change in Reliability Improvement, and, is now a preferred/recognized process in industry large and small. FasTrack‘s results are outstanding with some of our results mentioned in the “Results” section of the website.

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From an initial plant communication plan, to include expected changes and results, key metrics, installation, rebuild & purchasing specifications – right down to written job descriptions for all involved, thus, to meet the new precision standards, The FasTrack to Reliability™ written plan also has all the needed documentation, as well as follow-up steps, vibration standards, and everything needed. It can also be customized for your specific needs and can be as detailed including complete with written individual job plans and rebuild procedures.

Implementation services consist of two components:

Precision Maintenance PM’s and Procedures:

Provides electronically formatted precision maintenance PM’s which can be rapidly implemented in the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) to specific assets, reinforcing precision maintenance fundamentals that are necessary to keep the assets in a precise state. Additionally, we provide over 200 high fidelity, electronically formatted rebuild and repair job plans for common equipment types. These plans include operational steps, labor, tools, and parts for common repair activities conforming to precision maintenance standards. The PM’s and procedures can be electronically or manually loaded to the CMMS and applied by either Hendrix PM maintenance engineers or the customer’s personnel.

Coaching & Mentoring:

Upon completion of the training, we can provide onsite and hands-on coaching and mentoring to mechanics, front-line supervisors, and management. Onsite coaching is provided by our instructional staff and is scalable dependent upon the specific requirements or needs typically required for a few days a month directly after completion of the training. The frequency will gradually taper off over the months following until the program implementation is complete and solidified.

“Do It Once – Do It Right!”