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  • Q: Do you come onsite?  And how much does it cost for onsite Precision Maintenance Skills training?
    A: Yes ! We bring real world, hands-on skills training to your site. We bring our simulators, either running, static or dynamic pieces of rotating equipment built to mimic the exact problems that mehanics will face in the field. In essence, we bring your plant floor machinery right into your facility! They arrive in a failed state, and we train yuor workforce to master the skill sets to put them back the right way. Contact us today, and we'd be happy to discuss options to best suit your training needs.
  • Q: How many students can attend an onsite class?
    A: In general, we offer two models for on-site training; (1.) a "small class" = up to 9 participants / 1 instuctor (2.) a standard class = up to 15 participants / 2 instructors *Standard classes may be expanded up to 21 participants w/ advanced notice. Additional charge per person over 15. We typically have three participants team up per simulator, for our hands-on activities. Our focus is on quality; having a low student to instructor ratio allows for better instructon and learning, especially during hands-on workshops.
  • Q: How many Instructors conduct the class?
    A: Typically our classes have two instuctors. What it really boils down to is ensuring every student gets the attention needed during workshops and hands-on exercises. Smaller classes may only need one instructor to deliver this, however, most classes have two.
  • Q: How much does it cost to attend a Public Class?  And where can I find the schedule?
    Please refer to our Class Schedule for the most up-to-date listings and pricing. We are continuously updating this page with new locations and dates. If you do not see a class in your area, reach out to us, we are happy to talk about holding a class nearby.
  • Q: How much of the class is hands-on vs. lecture?
    A: Classes are both instructional & hands-on. Instructors blend classroom discussion/lecture time throughout the experience, however, we pride ourselves in allowing participants to spend a significant amount of time applying the newly learned skills, we "wear'em out" with hands-on exercises...and they love it! We use running and static machines that are essential elements in our training. Participants dis-assemble each machine, correct common assembly errors, and measure the performance improvement results. Using their new precision skills, craftsmen and front-line supervisors can lead the process of eliminating unscheduled downtime, recapturing lost opportunities, and turning profits in the right direction – up!
  • Q: Does Hendrix provide consulting/coaching?
    A: Yes. While training is paramount...we also provide consulting services to support the lifecyle of Precision Maintenance. Whether it be developing work procedures and checklists, or establishing procurement specifications, or providing equipment remediation support...we help companies "get to Precision!" Learn more about ourConsulting.
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