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Q: Do you come onsite? And how much does it cost for onsite Precision Maintenance Skills training?

A: Yes ! We can bring real world, hands-on skills training & implementation to your site. Contact us today to discuss your on-site needs 1-888-233-9777

Q: How many students can attend an onsite class?

A: 15 (however, with advance notice and a nominal fee, up to 21). We typically have three participants team up per simulator, for our hands-on activities. Our focus is on quality, and having an average of 15 -20 participants per class allows our instructors to give more intense instruction during hands-on simulator practices.

Q: How many Instructors conduct the class?

A: Two. Our two-instructor model ensures every student gets the attention needed during hands-on exercises.

Q: How much does it cost to attend a Public Class? And where can I find the schedule?

A: $1,995/student (breakfast and lunch provided). We are always adding new class locations. If you do not see a class in your area , feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to talk about possible future locations to hold our trainings.

Check out our class schedule from our homepage.

Q: How much of the class is hands-on vs. lecture?

A: We "wear'em out" with our hand-on exercises..... and they love it! We use running and static machines that are essential elements in our training. Participants dis-assemble each machine, correct common assembly errors, and measure the performance improvement results. Using their new precision skills, craftsmen and front-line supervisors can lead the process of eliminating unscheduled downtime, recapturing lost opportunities, and turning profits in the right direction – up!

Q: Does Hendrix provide consulting/coaching?

A: Yes. While training is critical…we help with the entire Precision Implementation Life Cycle; from procedures development, equipment condition assessments, skills assessments, equipment remediation support and post training coaching, etc., we help companies “get to Precision!”


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