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*no prerequisite required 

Using our Running Simulators so participants can immediately see their own Results in Lower Vibration and Amps, our “best in class” experienced Alignment Millwrights (not engrs or teachers w/no real field experience) we teach Hands On in this 2 day class which includes real life equipment problems most frequently encountered in the field. ½ day instruction and 1-1/2 day Hands on Practice with a mentor coaching and setting units up with different built in problems.


Also included is our Written Step by Step Alignment Procedure and showing mechanics, engineers and supervisors the steps skipped by most mechanics and constructors that causes them to fall short of precision on new construction and maintenance alignments. We also show them the running impact of The Most Common Assembly Error made when changing and aligning equipment and how to quickly correct it. We furnish management the key alignment and vibration metrics we, in our plant maintenance careers, and our customers have used to exponentially improve rotating equipment life.


We have trained thousands of craftsmen worldwide. The skills and precision alignment specifications our founders developed and practiced in Champion and Int’l Paper 20+ years ago are now considered Best Practices for effective maintenance and construction in facilities though-out the world. 


​While we can modify as needed to meet your needs, we typically conduct 2 each, 2-day classes (back-to-back) for up to 8 participants per class or 16 total in 1 week. We bring and use our running Precision Maintenance Training Simulators and Tools and either use your, our, or rented Lasers of your choice. Our instructors are familiar with all the best lasers.  


Call us for more discussion about your specific needs…



  • Schedule of Training: typically, two two-day classes (conducted back-to-back in the same week). 

  • Class size of up to 8 (3-4 simulator training stations).

  • Hendrix can supply lasers (additional charge)


  • Customer to provide course venue, food requirements, white board, flip chart holder. 

  • Customer to provide lasers

  • Hendrix Precision will bring all the rest; tooling, simulators, demonstrators, bearings, technical manuals, hardware and software.

Additional Benefit:

After class, on-site coaching: as craftsmen, maintenance managers and superintendents, having solved various vibration and equipment reliability problems, our instructors are available while on-site to discuss with management, the critical management implementation steps, we call Fast-Track to Precision Maintenance.  Including, the supporting Metrics, written individual job responsibilities and how this improvement work is to move forward.  All to insure you get dramatic results and a sustainable reliability culture.  Additionally, while on-site, you can call upon us to share our experiences on any other type equipment you may be installing; all at no additional cost.

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