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Hendrix Instructors transfer a lifetime of learnings from our successful careers as craftsmen, maintenance and engineer leadership & finally as reliability consultants to 200+ industrial facilities.

Tom Angers.jpg


Instructor / Sr. Reliability Specialist

After serving his country in the USN as an aircraft mechanic he was honorably discharged and took a job where he was trained as a pipefitter/welder. This led to a craftsmen job in a newsprint papermill where he would do both pipefitting and millwright work on rotating equipment for 25 plus years. He was promoted to 1st line supv over the powerhouse and utilities maintenance crew and eventually Mtce supt for the entire pulpmill portion of the plant which included woodyard, pulping, and power/utilities. He left that mill and became maintenance supt in a caning factory and then went to be mtce supt in another papermill. When that mill was downsized his previous plant mgr left and recruited/hired him as maintenance reliability director for 26 OSB (chipboard) plants worldwide. In that company he established and taught various reliability techniques including implementing precision maintenance. He retired from full-time work 5 years ago and teaches Precision Mtce for us 2 weeks each month.



Instructor / Sr.Reliability Specialist

A graduate from South Georgia Technical and Vocational School in Americus, Georgia, Mr. Beale has held many positions throughout his 38 years in the mechanical maintenance industry.  His years in this industry were spent at three different Pulp and Paper Mills, all of which were new start-ups. The first 11 years of his career were spent as a multi-craft mechanic, from there Charlie moved on to become a Maintenance Supervisor for the next 11 years.  The last 16 years of Charlie’s career in the paper industry, he held the position of Maintenance Superintendent.  Mr. Beale was part of many reliability improvement projects and as part of his Superintendent position he was responsible for the cost and reliability of his assigned areas within this industry.  Charlie retired in 2006 and joined Hendrix Precision Maintenance as one of our expert trainers.  You will find Charlie teaching both Skills 1 and Skills 2 trainings.  Charlie’s years of reliability maintenance experience makes him a valuable part of our Hendrix Team.   Do it Once, Do it Right!

Mike Beassie.jpg


Instructor / Sr. Reliability Specialist

With over 45  years of mechanical experience, Mike Beassie has been involved in the service, repair, and replacement of more types of equipment than we can list. He has completed machinist work, welding, and many years of management/supervision in various industries associated with mechanical equipment. Mr. Beassie was employed by a sealing system manufacturing company which also designed and manufactured centrifugal pumps, as holding a role as Assistant Superintendent in a paper mill. His position within the paper products industry required extensive training in pumps and seals.  Mike trained sales specialist and customers nationwide in classroom settings in virtually all industries that use pumps and sealing devices. In addition to these responsibilities, he was required to do analysis on specific pieces of equipment and complete systems using pumps, mechanical seals, and/or mechanical packings in their specific process.  Mike has been instructing for over thirty years. He personally designed and built a pump system simulator for Hendrix Precision Maintenance. This simulator can duplicate the exact process situations that destroy equipment, but on a much smaller scale, and is understood much easier than large industrial systems.  In addition to training, Mike is also available for on sight analysis of flow systems considered to be “bad actors” in customer’s facilities, upon request and scheduling. Mike’s extensive experience and knowledge with mechanical precision maintenance and his expertise in pumps and seals is invaluable to our Hendrix Team.



Instructor / Sr. Reliability Specialist

Alfred DeVaux has many years of hands-on experience working with businesses including steel fabrication, chemical processing, mining, and construction. His experience in industry started in his high school days working as a helper in overhaul of diesel engines, dredging operations and other jobs to build savings for his future college education. Since earning his BSME he has served as reliability engineer, supervisor, and manager at various levels. In all these assignments he has maintained a hands-on approach, working hand in hand with diverse personnel of all levels to meet the task at hand. Since starting his career, he has been passionate about two main objectives: 1) Reliability of equipment and the resultant operational process and 2) Proficiency of Maintenance Tasks and Operations, that in his mind is the main contributor to objective number 1.

Throughout his career, working with diverse cultures, he has successfully instituted and directed training classes at several companies including international locations. These achievements contributed to hundreds of thousands of dollars in avoided maintenance costs and avoided production outages while synergistically improving overall safety of the operations.

While he has a wide-ranging competence in several areas, his focus is on Precision Alignment of rotating and stationary equipment, Integrity of vessels and piping, Best Lubrication Practices, PM Optimization and Root Cause Analysis with implementation of Corrective Action.

Wynn Galloway.jpg


Instructor / Sr. Reliability Specialist

Wynn started working with Hendrix a few years back, just a few days after his retirement from a 31 year employment with one of the largest papermills in the country. Wynn started in an entry level paper machine role that transformed into a 24 year role as a mechanical maintenance technician. In 2012, he was selected and encouraged by the mill to become a certified Mechanical Precision Maintenance instructor, which led to a very rewarding career experience for Wynn. "Through the years, I've learned that the attention to detail and the philosophy of "Do it Once, Do it Right!" is an extremely valuable mindset. I enjoy passing on this philosophy and sharing my knowledge of precision maintenance with others."  Wynn's career path has been in the Pulp and Paper Industry, however, his roots are in carpentry and wood. Born the son of an expert carpenter, who was known to be a perfectionist, Wynn couldn't help but acquire this deep seeded passion, for not only doing things the right way, but making things that last ("Do it Once, Do it Right!"). Today he enjoys running his own band saw mill (turning logs into lumber), hunting, fishing and spending time with his wife and family.

Kevin Hager.png


Instructor / Sr. Reliability Specialist

Through his 26 years in the pulp and paper industry, Kevin has held many roles and worked his way up the ranks, starting off as a paper machine operator and moving on to Maintenance Planner, Reliability Supervisor, Reliability Manager, Maintenance Manager, and Project Manager. He played a significant role on teams that implemented precision maintenance in their facilities and has completed over $250 Million in maintenance projects within the pulp and paper industry being responsible for work in 20 states and 95 different facilities. With one of the implementations, Kevin held the role of Reliability Supervisor, where he and his team worked hands on from the ground up setting up VA, IR Technologies, training, and development procedures that are still being utilized today. These positions have given him vast levels of experience within the plant environment and  he recognizes what our clients / customers expect as results since he has worked in many of the roles our clients are in now. Kevin attributes his success to implementing the basic skills he learned in his first Hendrix Skills 1 class, 18 years ago, in his daily work life keeping equipment uptime and reliability at the center of many decision-making processes. “Do it Once, Do it Right, and You’ll Forget it Existed.”. Kevin’s work experience and success have given him an extreme passion for sharing his knowledge, experience, and success with others to also help them improve their reliability, MTBF, and ultimately profits.

Kevin resides in Texas with his wife Donna. He has two step children and three great grandchildren that are his pride and joy. He enjoys spending time with his wife saltwater fishing, traveling, turkey hunting, and creating family filled memories. When Kevin isn’t on the road with HPMS sharing knowledge, you can find him and Donna on Dauphin Island or 100 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico.



Shop & Simulator Project Manager

Grew up as a Multi Craftsman who can do just about anything mechanical or electrical. Today, after early retiring from a 32 yr career in plant operations w/ BP Amoco, He builds and ships our simulators all over the world, handles logistics and repair of our considerable fleet of trailers, tools, and all training materials working with the machine shop on new simulator development. In his spare time he enjoys farming for wildlife, and deer hunting. 

phil pic hard hat.jpg


Co-Founder / Instructor and Sr. Reliability Specialist

Phil Hendrix earned a BS in Engineering at night school, while working as a Maintenance Superintendent in a large pulp and paper mill. In his career, Phil has worked every mechanical position in a maintenance department, including welding and construction. His first managerial role included taking over a failing reliability effort across three facilities as the M&E Manager. Although successful in leading dramatic improvements in safety, cost and reliability, the most important acceleration to record reliability and cost control was the understanding and adoption of a precision approach to maintenance.


In 2001, Mr Hendrix founded Hendrix Precision Maintenance, focusing on providing high quality precision maintenance training and reliability consulting. Since starting Hendrix Precision Maintenance, he and his instructors, engineers, and predictive maintenance personnel have provided services to over 250 facilities/companies, enhancing their employee's skills sets required to maintain rotating equipment at a highly reliable level. Developing and utilizing unique training tools combined with effective hands-on learning techniques, his customers in many cases have experienced double and even triple the expect life of their rotating equipment within their facilities



Instructor / Field Reliability Specialist

Trained as Machinist by apprenticeship he worked several years in local machine shops until hiring on with Champion Paper's Courtland AL Mill. In the mill he soon learned 90% of the work is heavy millwright work on small and huge rotating equipment. Perhaps the greatest compliment on "Junior" is when mill instructors were selected based on earned trust of the 500 person workforce he was front and center. After teaching Precision Mtce, he and his fellow instructor were placed in charge of planning and maintenance of the 3 huge pulpmill's were they set and sustained the highest uptime record in the world for that industry. When the mill was shuttered for lack of product demand. Junior was so valued for attention to detail, he was the very last maintenance employee laid off after complete disassembly and distribution of plant assets.  When not teaching or doing other reliability projects, he enjoys blacksmithing as a hobby and spending time with his family.

Garnet Johns.jpg


Instructor / Field Reliability Specialist

Garnet was a Tool and Die Maker for 20 + yrs and then was recruited to start and run the machine shop and industrial maintenance training program at Iowa Central Community College where we ran in to him 8 years ago and immediately admired his methods and degree of detail he was teaching. We partnered with him and ICCC to teach Precision Maintenance to local industry and he has taught part time for us as his schedule allows. In his off time he enjoys helping his son build record winning hot rods and a host of other projects in their huge shop.

Brad McCoy Pic_edited.jpg


Instructor / Sr. Reliability Specialist

With over 28+ years as a Maintenance Mechanic in one of the top Paper Mills in the country, Brad comes to Hendrix with a vast knowledge of industrial maintenance. Nine of the 28+ yrs at the mill focused on pump building, installation, aligning and balancing. Brad has also worn many hats throughout the years and his skills are endless, including welder, millwright, operator and precision maintenance work throughout oil fields, sawmills, papermills and chemical plants. He believes deeply in the "Do it Once, Do it Right!" thought process that Hendrix prides itself with.  He has many years of instructing precision maintenance, 18 to be exact, and continues to travel all over the U.S. doing just that for Hendrix.

When Brad has spare time, he enjoys spending it with his wife, children and 6 grandchildren.  He is often found offering his time to help his church and his community with projects, such as the many wheel chair ramps he has built or volunteering for the local fire department as a rescue diver.  His interests also include hunting, fishing, and riding his Goldwing motorcycle that he and his wife have ridden through 48 of the 50 US states.  



Instructor / Sr. Reliability Specialist

Starting his career as an automotive technician, Randy transitioned in to industrial plant maintenance in the 1970's and he excelled in every assignment including as a large shutdown Project Manager. As a top notch maintenance manager and mill reliability manager in the pulp & paper industry, one example of Randy's many achievements is the improvement of uptime for one plant from 79% to 92%. Randy retired from the industrial maintenance industry with 30+ years experience behind him. Randy's expertise in precision maintenance and operating practices extend far beyond pulp and paper, Randy has also provided training for chemical, petro-chemical, and foods processing companies just to name a few.


When not conducting precision maintenance and reliability services, Randy enjoys spending time with his wife, their two sons and each of their families. They are blessed with 5 grandchildren and enjoy spending time with them and watching their many sports activities. Along with his grandchildren's games, you may also catch Randy cheering on the Braves baseball team. Randy also operates a farm where he lives a passion of his which is raising black angus cattle. Randy's real-world experience in the industrial maintenance field continues to be an invaluable part of our Hendrix Team!

Scott Sullivan Omaha SK1 (3).jpg


Instructor / Sr. Reliability Specialist

Scott comes to us from the pulp and paper processing industry with close to 40 years of maintenance experience. During his time at the mill, Scott was part of the maintenance crew executing PM’s, equipment care routes, repairs & replacements as well as in the Rebuild Shop, inspecting and rebuilding the mill’s rotating equipment. His experience in maintenance led him to an instructor role within the mill, and he was soon completing his certification to become the mill’s Precision Maintenance Instructor. Prior to his established career at the mill, Scott served in the Army as a Mechanic/Crew Chief on Huey helicopters and graduated from Florence-Darlington Technical College with a degree in maintenance technology. Directly after college and armed with his FAA Airframe & Powerplant Licenses, he accepted a maintenance position with American Airlines in Washington, DC where he spent time honing in on his skills. Scott eventually returned to his home state of South Carolina, accepting a position working for one of the largest pulp and paper mills in the U.S. Excelling through various roles within the mill and completing his time there as their Precision Maintenance Instructor, Scott retired and accepted a position as Instructor/Field Reliability Specialist for Hendrix.


Scott resides in South Carolina with his wife of 33 years, Gabrielle. They have one son together who just married last year, and he and his wife also reside in South Carolina. Scott enjoys spending time with his family and when not on the road for Hendrix, tries to get outside and enjoy nature as much as he can, including an occasional trip to the beach

M Turrentine.jpg


Instructor / Sr. Reliability Specialist

25+ yrs hands-on as a millwright and multi-craft mechanic, Mike is recognized by his peers as one of the most accurate alignment persons they've ever met. He never misses or skips the very steps most mechanics skip in their haste to get the laser on the machine and start shimming. He religiously follows the same procedure on most all rotating equipment. Mike has lived the Precision Maintenance Work Process in 2 different large mills where he additionally has led and planned for maintenance crews.


In his off time he enjoys hunting, playing guitar and prepping and driving his 100+ bracket wins and former 7 time world champion drag racing Camaro “Cletus”. No surprise, his attention to detail is responsible for his racing success. Mike gets rave reviews from every class he teaches and also field consults, coaches and mentors mechanics in the field when he is not in instructing a class. Mike is a valuable member of our Hendrix Team and we are proud of the in-depth knowledge and expertise that Mike brings to the table while instructing our classes.

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