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We bring our simulators, either running, static or dynamic pieces of rotating equipment built to mimic the exact problems that mechanics will face in the field.  In essence, we bring your plant floor machinery right into your facility! They arrive in a failed state, and we train your workforce to master the skill sets to put them back the right way.


Everything from a pump with piping bolted to it for pipe strain to running machines that the participants take apart and put back together during the class; each time measuring the results obtained in lowering vibration and electrical usage to turn the machine. We mentor them until they master every new skill set.


Using their new Hands-On skill sets, they prove to themselves that what we teach can greatly extend Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) on all rotating machines, which drastically reduces costs while improving uptime and producing reliable operations. 

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"The Best training I've ever had, taught by REAL people that have done the work, teaching things I can use in the plant tomorrow"

"The most important strategy we ever implemented to improve up-time and reduce cost"

We bring real world, Hands-on Skills Training & IMPLEMENTATION to your site

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