“Some of the best training I have ever received.”

~ Vibration Analyst/ Reliability, Wood Products Industry

“Every maintenance mechanic, supervisor, engineer needs to go through this training. I wouldn’t touch any equipment until this is complete.”

~ Dir. of Reliability - Petro Chemical Industry

“What Hendrix teaches is what’s missing from new generations in maintenance - hands on practical application that you just can’t get from a book or YouTube.”

~ Senior Manufacturing Consultant – Pulp and Paper Industry

“I learned more in the Skills 1, 2 & 3 classes than I did in my entire apprentice and journeyman training.”

~Millwright – Pulp and Paper Industry

“He really enjoyed the class and feels like he came away with improved knowledge and understanding on pumps and motors.  Since returning he has rebuilt 2 pumps seals, impellers and did the alinement also. Had a lot a good things to say about the class.” 

~ Maintenance Manager – Specialty Chemical Industry

“The only way to truly breakthrough with exponential improvement in asset management and maintenance improvement.”

~Maintenance Mgr. - Pharmaceutical Industry

“Over the past 35 plus years I have been a Maintenance Mechanic and Maintenance trainer for two of the largest companies in the Food and Beverage industry. I certainly didn’t think I knew it all, but I considered myself very knowledgeable in the area of Production Maintenance using pumps, gearboxes, and various other coupling or belt driven equipment.


Then I attended the Hendrix Precision Maintenance Skills 1 Course. All through the week of class I had numerous “ah ha” moments, during which I realized that I had room for improvement. I wish this training was available earlier in my career as I know it would have helped to make me a better mechanic. I learned some great skills that are easy to implement in the area of equipment alignment and lubrication. The very skilled and knowledgeable instructors taught us that with a small investment in tools and a little extra time, we as mechanics can greatly improve equipment life and in doing so decrease downtime.


I look forward to attending both the level 2 and level 3 training, and would highly recommend this training to anyone in the field of Equipment Maintenance.”

PSM/Utility Systems Specialist – Food and Beverage Industry


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