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"Wow, the wait to finish this class was definitely worth it. I learned way more than I thought I would, even after reading the book a little over the last year and a half. It’s not often I dish out praise for a job well done, but after spending the last 15 years traveling around to our sites and training mechanics on our product specific equipment, I know it takes a special, dedicated person to deliver that training and keep the process lively, what I call “trick them into learning”. Mike and Wynn did a phenomenal job of keeping the class engaging and fun. Hats off to them for their hard work and you are lucky to have them on your team. Thanks again for putting such a comprehensive and easy to understand training opportunity out there!"


                                                          -Technical Development Specialist

                                                           Food & Beverage Industry

“Some of the best training I have ever received.”

~ Vibration Analyst/ Reliability, Wood Products Industry

“Every maintenance mechanic, supervisor, engineer needs to go through this training. I wouldn’t touch any equipment until this is complete.”

~ Dir. of Reliability - Petro Chemical Industry

“What Hendrix teaches is what’s missing from new generations in maintenance - hands on practical application that you just can’t get from a book or YouTube.”

~ Senior Manufacturing Consultant – Pulp and Paper Industry

“I learned more in the Skills 1, 2 & 3 classes than I did in my entire apprentice and journeyman training.”

~Millwright – Pulp and Paper Industry

“He really enjoyed the class and feels like he came away with improved knowledge and understanding on pumps and motors.  Since returning he has rebuilt 2 pumps seals, impellers and did the alinement also. Had a lot a good things to say about the class.” 

~ Maintenance Manager – Specialty Chemical Industry

“The only way to truly breakthrough with exponential improvement in asset management and maintenance improvement.”

~Maintenance Mgr. - Pharmaceutical Industry


“Over the past 35 plus years I have been a Maintenance Mechanic and Maintenance trainer for two of the largest companies in the Food and Beverage industry. I certainly didn’t think I knew it all, but I considered myself very knowledgeable in the area of Production Maintenance using pumps, gearboxes, and various other coupling or belt driven equipment.


Then I attended the Hendrix Precision Maintenance Skills 1 Course. All through the week of class I had numerous “ah ha” moments, during which I realized that I had room for improvement. I wish this training was available earlier in my career as I know it would have helped to make me a better mechanic. I learned some great skills that are easy to implement in the area of equipment alignment and lubrication. The very skilled and knowledgeable instructors taught us that with a small investment in tools and a little extra time, we as mechanics can greatly improve equipment life and in doing so decrease downtime.


I look forward to attending both the level 2 and level 3 training, and would highly recommend this training to anyone in the field of Equipment Maintenance.”

PSM/Utility Systems Specialist – Food and Beverage Industry

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