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We teach the critical precision maintenance & implementation skills to create reliability in your operations 


Since 2001, Hendrix Precision Maintenance has provided unique, hands-on training to equip maintenance teams with the vital skills and implementation strategies needed to achieve reliably sustained results.  Turning the classroom sessions into practical learning events, our experienced instructors utilize running and static simulators as the essential elements in our training courses. With guided coaching, participants will disassemble, correct common assembly errors, and measure their results. Our experience has shown, time and again, that precision maintenance group skills development, more than any other initiative, contributes to immediate and lasting asset reliability. 

The truth is that most craftsmen, entrusted to maintain critical assets and equipment, have never been properly taught the precision maintenance skills necessary to extend the equipment's life cycle and to ensure reliable operations. Our courses have been designed for all levels, from the craftsmen, supervisors and operators to the engineers and reliability leaders. Using precision skills, craftsmen and front-line supervisors will lead the process of eliminating unscheduled downtime, while increasing throughput and profitable operations.

Equally important, we teach leadership, operations and maintenance, together with the critical implementation principles of step by step processes, proper communication, key metrics, install/rebuild standards and the follow-up techniques, to ensure lasting change and, more critically, the quality expectations to be set for mechanics, supervisors and engineers: a process that we call the “FasTrack to Reliability™”

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