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Skills Assessment


Hendrix Precision Maintenance offers a low-cost skills assessment tool which is available in both hard copy and online electronic format which allows customers to conduct a rapid assessment of their maintenance workforce related to PRECISION maintenance experience, fundamentals and skills.  The skills assessment is valuable in order to establish upfront needs analysis by individual and group.  The assessment can also be used to help tailor our training offerings to focus on areas of weakness by individual or group as well as conduct post training effectiveness evaluation.

  • Several hundred multiple choice questions 

  • Written or online test

  • Graded by our Instructors

  • Individual & Group results (Results delivered in written & electronic format)

  • Individual & Group Heat Maps identifying areas of strength & weakness

​The Skills assessment is an invaluable tool to help justify and measure the effectiveness of PRECISION training. 

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Precision Assessment

| Precision / Reliability Assessment Program 

Skills Assessment Benchmark

We administer and proctor our Skills Assessment evaluation to a cross section of customer maintenance personnel (normal 10-15 personnel) in order to establish the current technical knowledge, PRECISION experience and skill level of the workforce.

Equipment Condition Assessment

We will spend hours in your plant evaluating the condition and status of rotating equipment in order to establish technical findings related to the level of PRECISION evident in the installed asset base.  Evaluation includes visual inspection, vibration checks and photographic data collection.  In a standard assessment we will normally be able to evaluate a cross-section of several hundred equipment.

Maintenance Program Assessment

We will also evaluate and assess several key maintenance program areas necessary for successful implementation and sustainment of a successful PRECISION program.  Key program areas include;  lubrication program, MRO Stores and Inventory, Vibration monitoring and analysis, operator care, preventive maintenance and reliability engineering.  Our program assessment is accomplished using small group interviews, CMMS data reviews and documentation analysis.

Our program assessment is normally conducted by 2-3 of our personnel over the course of 3-4 days onsite.  Approximately 2-weeks later the customer receives a written and electronic report which includes findings and recommendations for program implementation as well as a return-on-investment analysis for potential payback and benefits evaluation.  An onsite management debrief is also included as part of the assessment.

For many the first step in any journey is figuring out where you are.  Our PRECISION assessment program is a rapid evaluation conducted on-site at customer plants or facilities which helps establish the level of need and readiness for a customer.  Our assessment focuses on three major areas:

Equipment Support

| Equipment Support 

We can help customers put their plan together and then also provide either remote or onsite support during remediation efforts.  This support includes providing supervision and technical support, working with customer planners to ensure the remediation procedures are effective and helping track and manage the remediation project.

Our personnel have all successfully implemented and sustained PRECISION maintenance.  Beyond our training having experienced PRECISION experts working with your people to put your equipment in a PRECISION state is one of the fastest ways to success.

In order to implement PRECISION maintenance, you have to actually correct installation, balance, alignment and lubrication deficiencies with your rotating equipment.  You will need a list of all your rotating equipment ranked by criticality and a plan to put the equipment into a PRECISION state.

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Standards, Spec, Procedures

| Standards, Specifications & Procedures

Hendrix Precision Maintenance can provide standards and other tools necessary to help expedite your implementation of Precision Maintenance.  These tools include implementation guidelines, checklists and worksheets to assist with your implementation as well as Key Performance Indicators to help track your journey to achieving PRECISION.

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One of the first steps in Precision Maintenance is making sure your equipment vendors are complying with PRECISION.  Hendrix has formatted equipment purchasing and repair specifications which can be issued to your vendors to ensure that equipment that is either purchased or repaired comply with the necessary technical specifications to ensure the equipment can be maintained in a PRECISION state.



PRECISION procedures are the key to ensuring your program is sustained long after training has been accomplished.  Hendrix Precision Maintenance provides electronic formatted precision maintenance PM’s which can be rapidly applied via the customer CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) to specific assets to reinforce precision maintenance fundamentals necessary to keep these assets in a precise state.  Additionally, we also provide over 200 high fidelity electronically formatted rebuild and repair job plans for common equipment types which include operational steps, labor, tools, and parts for common repair activities conforming to precision maintenance standards.


Coaching / Mentoring

| Coaching / Mentoring

Hendrix Precision Maintenance instructional staff are available post-training to help provide onsite and hands-on coaching and mentoring of customer personnel including mechanics, front-line supervisors, and management.  Onsite coaching is provided on a scalable basis dependent upon the customer’s needs.  Normally onsite coaching and mentoring is required for a few days a month in the period directly after completion of training and gradually tapering off over a period of a few months until program implementation is complete and solidified.

Providing support to ensure the continuous success of the program.

Some common support requirements include:

  • Refresher training classes

  • New employee training

  • Train-the-Trainer programs

  • Post-implementation assessments

  • Simulator build & sales

  • Ongoing coaching & mentoring

  • Integration with customer reliability programs

  • Advanced predictive maintenance program implementation & training

  • Procurement specifications development


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