The most important maintenance strategy we adopted to improve reliability.”Maintenance & Engineering Manager in one of the world’s largest manufacturing facilities.


Typical results are listed below and possible with strong management commitment and a rigorous implementation plan we call “FasTrack to Reliability™️”


case history

A mineral operation managing 400 blowers across 49 plants worldwide. These critical assets range from 350 – 400 HP, rotating at 3600 RPM, achieving an average life span of only two years. Each of these assets requires a $50,000 investment to rebuild.


After rapid implementation of precision maintenance in their U.S. central rebuild shop, including implementation of precision transportation & install specifications – the life of each asset is doubled. 

Our customer is extremely happy but we know there is more run time to be gained!


mineral plant.jpg
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case history

A paper machine was operating at a 75-80% uptime and was in danger of being shut down due to lack of profitability.


In two short years, after an aggressive & ongoing precision maintenance effort, they are now operating at an incredible 94-96% uptime, ending its chance of being shut down. Over the next four years, the mill has achieved record performance in production.

The plant personnel is extremely happy, as well as corporate. 

They achieved all of this all through a focused effort on paying attention to even the smallest of details and insisting on Do It Once – Do It Right!


paper plant.jpg
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case history

Two large pulp mills with a historical uptime average of 95%.

Three years after an intense deployment and ongoing effort in precision maintenance, the mill achieved a 98.6% uptime score sustaining for the last five years.

pulp mill.jpg

The results were considered rare in their industry and worth millions!


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case history

A large food board producer chose Hendrix to implement their aggressive hands-on precision maintenance program. The plants’ normal average production was 140,000 tons per years. After the first year, improved reliability allowed them to produce an extra 15,000 tons (11%) and in the second full year, an additional of 30,000 tons or 22%. 

food processing plant.jpg

Our total training and implementation bill were paid for in energy savings alone.


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case history

Our own plant experience and that of our customers who collectively report their electrical savings on rotating equipment from reduced horsepower increase easily from 5 to 10%. 

Several customers have told us the measured electrical savings in just the first year was more than enough to pay the training cost and the results accrue for the life of the equipment.


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case history

A Petrochem facility customer with a 2-year MTBF on 2,622 pumps and mechanical seals used our precision skills and training and more than doubled that to 5.2 Yrs MTBF.


Our precision skills and training and more than doubled that to 5.2 Yrs MTBF.


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