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For Supervisors, Planners, Vibration Analysts, & other roles that lead the work process.



Boot Camp delivers an intense 4-days of training including instructor demos and hands-on exercises using our running & static simulators. This course is designed to accelerate the essential knowledge and skills necessary for Reliability Engineers and other essential roles that are expected to lead reliability improvement. In many cases, these individuals have never been formally introduced to these strategies, processes, and tactics, yet they are expected to be the "go to" source for solving difficult problems and achieving improvements.



Real data from over 400+ facilities show that maintenance-induced defects overwhelmingly contribute to stalled improvement efforts to gain back control. The data indicates that 25% are due to common assembly errors, 25% from imbalance and poor balance specs, 25% from poor alignment, inadequate alignment specs and leadership expectations, and 25% common lubrication mistakes. The plain truth is, our craftsmen, entrusted to maintain millions of dollars of production equipment, have never been taught the skills necessary to “Do it Once – Do it Right.” Armed with these vital skills, craftsmen and front-line leadership can begin eliminating unscheduled downtime, recapture lost opportunities, and drive the production and profits in the right direction – up.




• Boot camp topics include important hands-on demonstrations from instructors and practice by participants of the most obvious field installation and repair mistakes made by construction and maintenance personnel each day.


• We will focus on common assembly errors made every-day by crafts-mechanics and supervisors that seriously reduce the equipment's resistance to failure.


• They will learn how to easily double or triple rotating equipment life by making vibration much lower through the elimination of common assembly errors and adherence to precision assembly, installation, rebuild, and maintenance standards which we will show how it’s achieved with little or no extra downtime.


• Performing the same work as the craftsman, with their own hands and working with our simulators, they will participate in converting a poor, high risk of failure machine into an improved, reliable machine.


• Hands-on exercises will be an accelerated pace for both Skill 1: Assembly, Installation, Rebuild, and Skills 2: Precision Bearing Installation, Assembly, and Lubrication courses. In this way, each participant can experience for themselves the key elements of a precision assembly, installation, and rebuild skills necessary to enable equipment to run as intended – reliably.


A Successful Precision Maintenance Implementation Case History

  • How this site applied the essential steps and:

  • Successfully increased MTBF by 400%,

  • Reduced maintenance cost,

  • Increased production and,

  • Sustained results.


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