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Technical Support Services

In additional to training maintenance teams, Hendrix also recognizes that customers seek improvement throughout many other areas of their maintenance operations. Our customers have recognized that our Reliability Specialists have the right blend of technical hands-on, and real world-practical experience to assist with a myriad of reliability projects.  Hendrix now offers Precision Maintenance Technical Services to support and sustain a culture of Precision Maintenance.  

Services geared towards helping customers evaluate their current state of readiness and precision and develop a plan to bridge gaps and drive implementation

Precision Maintenance Assessment

A bottoms-up assessment starting with the millwrights/mechanics.  Evaluates skill and training levels, tools, procedures, work process, CMMS support and leadership to determine current state as well as gaps and challenges.  Includes assessment as well as recommendations as well as a rapid equipment condition assessment of a selection of available equipment.  What do the mechanics need to be successful with precision?


Equipment Walkdown & Condition Assessment

Capture/verification of existing equipment master data including photos and technical data.  Detailed equipment condition assessment using our ACA tablet-based field application.  Includes detailed inspection checklist by equipment class, photographic reference on all defects, prioritization of defects, recommended remediation and repair cost estimates.



Preventive Maintenance Optimization

Evaluate, update or develop high fidelity preventive maintenance plans for mechanical, instrumentation and electrical assets including work procedures, labor and required parts.

Lubrication Program and Plans (w/ help from Noria!)

Evaluate and provide recommendations on customer lubrication programs.  Development of equipment lubrication plans and creation of standing lubrication work orders and routes.

Precision Maintenance Procedures

Implement standards, specifications, checklists and procedures for Precision Maintenance.

Digital library of all standards, checklists, procedures and plans

We provide whatever ongoing support our customers need in order to implement and sustain Precision Maintenance within their organization.  No problem is too large or small for us to help.


We provide customizable ongoing technical support by way of our coaching/mentorship service.  This service utilizes the same instructors who instructed your mechanics to provide remote support, onsite coaching/mentorship visits, leadership support, small group refresher training, outage support or whatever a customer’s needs may include.  This has been a very well received offering which can really help make sure the program’s implementation and results stick and remain permanent.

Support to help evaluate, establish and develop procedures, PM’s, lubrication plans and other key content necessary to support Precision Maintenance

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