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Pump Hydraulics, Operations, Troubleshooting, Sealing and Repair for Operations &Maintenance Supervision, Crafts, and Engineers

In this 3-day course, our nationally renowned pump & seal experts and field troubleshooters for some of the largest pump and seal companies in the world, cover maintenance and troubleshooting techniques that most do not know.

In our years of applying precision maintenance techniques along with this course to pumps, we have learned to EXPECT pumps and seals to run trouble free without the replacement of expensive mechanical seals or bearings, until such time as the impeller, casing, or wear rings wear out and “pump won’t pump.”


Our course is aided greatly by the use of a large (6 ft. tall) portable pump/hydraulic training simulator, complete with clear tanks, valves, piping, and a running Goulds pump with a clear casing for demonstration. It has as many gauges as a small aircraft (flowmeter, ammeter, et al.). It even has “shaft movement” visibility at different operating conditions.


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Precision Maintenance Skills 3 uses additional training aids, such as a cut-away pump, real pump parts, seals, hydraulic simulator, 800# pipe strain simulator, and real casings & impellers. Using these Training aids, we’ll take the students through the fine details of proper (and precise) pump rebuilds, repairs, impeller adjustments, bearings, packings, and mechanical seals. Just 1 common repair we demo can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary thrown away pump parts each year. Savings in mechanical seal life is staggering.


Upon completion of this course, participants will know how to operate & troubleshoot pumps. Even more important, they will understand how they should run trouble free for 100,000 hours (instead of the 10,000 to 30,000) of repetitive maintenance costs that most do incur.


As an outstanding maintenance craftsman/supervisor/troubleshooter, Charlie Beale said after his first Hendrix pump class, “I’ve been maintaining pumps for 40 years and I just learned more in the last 3 days than my entire career”.

Hydraulic Pump Simulator

Pipe Strain Simulator

The course is designed for operation and maintenance people where they are given many different operating and troubleshooting scenarios, both correct and incorrect, including these subjects:

  • Opening and closing various valves to create real life in field and plant conditions

  • Troubleshooting & corrections to operate pumps on their pump curve

  • De-“mystifying” Pump Curves so the average mechanic/supervisor can troubleshoot

  • Proper starting and stopping procedures with proper flows

  • Troubleshoot and correct common field problems that most people “guess wrong”

  • Packing, sealing, and gland water issues corrected

  • Vibration issues understood and solved

  • Water hammer issues

  • Other common pump problems and solutions

  • Vital Rebuild/Repair Techniques and “watch for’s”

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