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Reducing Common Assembly Errors in Equipment

to Exponentially Extend MTBF

An intense, 40-hour hands-on class where teams of craftsmen, planners, supervisors, superintendents, engineers, and maintenance/operating managers learn and practice precision equipment assembly, rebuild, and install techniques; each designed to significantly double, triple, and (in our own plant experience) quadruple rotating equipment & seal life.


The participants measure their own progress by running their simulator machines and measuring the results. The effects of applying precision techniques to rotating equipment have proven to greatly extend the mean time between failure and/or scheduled maintenance to rebuild events of the equipment and other components by reducing vibration, temperature, & amps or energy usage.


We show all the necessary “little details” that are overlooked every day by maintenance, contractors, supervisors, and yes, even engineers in most plants – and in many rebuild shops. We lead participants to discover their new skill sets by measuring their simulators’ results after correcting errors 1 by 1 in a very defined process.


They learn how something as “insignificant” as a few thousandths of an inch fit and tolerance (or a “correct” key length), can make a significant difference in life improvement of your rotating equipment. They demonstrate how their new attention to detail can also lower the electrical consumption 5 to 10% for most electric motor-driven assets when a precision approach is applied to maintenance (install, adjust, and rebuild).


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We are the only training experts that teach Precision Skills using 2 instructors, thus, we can ensure that Participants “Get it” during the detailed Hands-On exercises. Our Instructors have decades of successful hands-on experience in heavy industrial maintenance. We use both in-line coupled, belt (and/or chain-driven running machines), and many other static or running demonstrators during the class. The main theme of the class is: “By adding a precision approach to maintenance & construction, we demonstrate it does not take more time to “Do It Right the First Time.”

  • How to avoid the Common Assembly Errors made every day by Maintenance & Construction

  • Precision Measuring & why it is even more critical today with parts made all over

  • Critical Bearing Fits & Tolerances routinely overlooked in most plants

  • Common Bearing & Seal failures and how to easily avoid

  • How to achieve Precision Alignment without adding extra downtime

  • Aligning while accounting for thermal growth that most plants/mechanics skip

  • Couplings & the secrets to making them Live and the Final Solution to Most

  • Soft-foot correction. Most mechanics simply don’t take care of it & supervisors overlook it

  • Common Lube Mistakes made by mechanics & operators every day & how to fix them

  • How Vibration that Maintenance & Engineers induce every day / every repair drastically reduces life expectancy

  • How to avoid common balancing problems that cut bearing life by 20-30%

40-Hour Certificate of Completion issued upon completion of training

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