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Precision Maintenance Site Assessment and Improvement Plan

  • Equipment Condition Assessment - evaluating the condition and status of rotating equipment in order to establish technical findings related to the level of Precision evident in the installed asset base.

  • Report-out and management debrief of findings and recommendations for program implementation, as well as a return-on-investment analysis for payback and benefits.

Skills Assessment (of Individuals) 

  • a 100+ question assessment for their maintenance workforce related to Precision Maintenance experience, fundamentals and skills, to establish upfront needs analysis, by individual and group, to devise a training plan.

Hands-on Learning

  • intense Hands-On learning, where teams of craftsmen, planners, supervisors, superintendents, engineers, and maintenance/operating managers practice precision equipment assembly, rebuild, and install techniques.

Field Coaching and Mentoring

  • Post-training “in-the-field” hands-on coaching and mentoring, including equipment remediation support to get equipment into a precise state

Continuous Refresher Training

  • eLearning, self-paced video workshops b. one-on-one / small group, instructor-led workshops

Development of Work Procedures and Checklists

  • procedures are key to ensuring a program is sustained long after training has been accomplished. Hendrix teaches and shares electronic formatted precision maintenance PM’s, rebuild and repair job plans for common equipment types, which include operational steps, labor, tools, and parts for common repair activities conforming to precision maintenance standards.

Development of Procurement Specifications

  • Making sure vendors are complying with Precision specs. Hendrix teaches and shares formatted equipment purchasing and repair specifications, to be issued to vendors, to ensure that equipment that is either purchased or repaired comply with the necessary technical specifications

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