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We teach the critical implementation skills to ensure lasting change.


Specializing in turning multiple failed maintenance programs into record setters in their own industry careers, as well as Precision Maintenance Training in Decatur, Alabama, their now sought-after processes are recognized as best in class around the world.


In 2001, our core business, Hendrix and Associates, was formed, doing reliability consulting and teaching the basics of precision throughout the southeast. A couple of years later, Phil was joined by machinist & maintenance leader Charlie Beale, combining a unique hands-on training approach with the often “overlooked and essential” management training elements to ensure successful implementation.


Today, Hendrix Precision Maintenance training is used by industries of every shape and size. With many industry-experienced expert trainers, we develop and build Hands-On Running & Static Machines that we use to train your Craftsmen, Supervisors, Engineers, and Leaders. With our coaching, they will disassemble, correct common assembly errors, and measure the results. Using their new Hands-On Skillsets, they prove to themselves that what we teach can greatly extend MTBF on all rotating machines which drastically reduces costs while improving uptime and producing reliable operations.


Equally important, we teach Leadership, Operations & Maintenance, and the critical Implementation Skills to ensure lasting change. These include the step by step processes, communication, key metrics, install/rebuild standards, follow-up, and most importantly, expectations they must set for mechanics, supervisors, and engineers – so that they can achieve similar results. We call this process “FasTrack to Reliability™”

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